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  1. Some critics have argued that the Epilogue is an unnecessary and heavy-handed end to a novel that stands quite well without it. They criticize the dream of the virus spreading through Europe, the blossoming of Raskolnikov’s love for Sonya, and the death of Raskolnikov’s mother as blunt attempts to tie up the story and simplistic treatments.
  2. epilogue definition: 1. a speech or piece of text that is added to the end of a play or book, often giving a short. Learn more.
  3. The Epilogue was a feature of BBC radio and later television being the last programme broadcast each Sunday evening lasting five to ten minutes and being based on a non-denominational reflective theme usually delivered by a Christian minister or priest in a straight to-camera talk. In British television terminology, an "epilogue" is an equivalent of the American sermonette.
  4. Epilogue is a unique Vintage Typeface that includes 4 OTF Files and a variety of alternate characters. Epilogue comes with Regular, Rounded, Rough & Textured OTF files so that you can create a variety of finishes on your Logo, Label, Poster, Etc.
  5. Define epilogue. epilogue synonyms, epilogue pronunciation, epilogue translation, English dictionary definition of epilogue. also ep·i·log n. 1. a. A short poem or speech spoken directly to the audience following the conclusion of a play. b. The performer who delivers such a short.
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  8. Jan 31,  · An epilogue is a section of writing at the end of a book intended to provide closure and resolution. It is still considered part of the story, and might detail what happens after the "main body" of the story is complete. Classic Greek and Elizabethan plays often included epilogues to explain the later fates of the characters.

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