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  1. Bitch So Wrong: Notes For DJ'S Only From The Forthcoming Album "The Real Chronic " (Right Back At Cha) Promotional Copy Recommendations Reviews Add Review [r] Release. Edit Release New Submission. Add to Collection Add to.
  2. So long, bitch you did me so wrong I don't wanna go on, living in this world without you. You really fucked me Kim! You really did a number on me! Never knew me cheatin' on you would come back to haunt me But we was kids then, Kim! I was only eighteen That was years ago! I .
  3. So long, bitch, you did me so wrong I don't wanna go on Living in this world without you [Verse 3: Eminem & Kim] Come on, get out! (I can't! I'm scared!) I said get out, bitch! (Let go of my hair.
  4. May 28,  · Being cool is speaking your mind, and if that means I'm a bitch, so f*cking be it. I'm not afraid of what people may think when I speak my mind. The more of a reaction I .
  5. You ain't my bro you a hoe so you just don't get it Bitches really tripping if you looking for a check go get it Bitch, I'm the wrong nigga You fucking with the wrong nigga I'm the wrong nigga, you fucking with the wrong nigga I'm the wrong wrong nigga Don't cross the line tryna line me Dumb nigga lost his mind while he was thinking bout it.
  6. Eminem sings "So long, bitch you did me so wrong/I don't want to go on living in this world without you" in the hook two times. In the second verse, the setting changes to Eminem and Kim in a car. During the verse, he shouts "There's a four year old little boy laying dead with a slit throat in your living room!".
  7. k Likes, k Comments - Betch (@bitch) on Instagram: “They did her so wrong (via: ‪@paradoxpey)”.
  8. l/n laid down as her childhood friend inspected the outfit, not sure what was so wrong with it. (p.s: this isn't meant to shame anyone!!.
  9. Jun 29,  · The term "bitch" has been used to refer to a female dog since about AD, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, and began to be used as .

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