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  1. Feb 12,  · Meme Status Submission Year Origin Reddit Tags rage, comic, f7u12, oh, crap, omg, face, dick, dick joke About. She Wants My Cock is a punchline used commonly in Rage Comics on Reddit’s popular F7U12 board and on the website Funnyjunk.. The punchline is normally a play on a girl asking the protagonist for something.
  2. – Fetus Eaters: C´mon, Nobody Really Believes In God: 19 – Fetus Eaters: Next Time You Take A Shit, Please Retrieve Me Cockring: 20 – Fetus Eaters: Nikki Sixx Pinky Holster: 21 – Fetus Eaters: Eye Still Can´t Believe It´s Not Butter: 22 – Fetus Eaters: Big Piece Of Shit: 23 – Fetus Eaters: Sperm /5(5).
  3. Mar 05,  · Commented Mar 5, by anonymous. i started my bf out slow. eating his clean ass first and getting him into it. then moving to eating him out right after he got home work when his ass was stinking and sweaty. telling him how hot it was when he farted. eventually i got him worked up enough to let me blow him while he took a big long dump. from there it was easy to get him .
  4. FETUS EATERS: W.W.J.D. Cleaning C’mon, Nobody Really Believes In God Next Time You Take A Shit, Please Retrieve My Cockring Nikki Sixx Pinky Holster Eye Still Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Big Piece Of Shit Sperm Encrusted Sock It’s Funny When Girls Cry You Call Your Pets Babies Because You Can.

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